→ Jim Carter being his usual awesome self


Some Downton Abbey Cast shizz from Good Morning Britain 15/09/14.

Only posting so everyonelovesavalet & thespikeybluelacky can see it but if any of you want to use it on your Coyle/DA pages/sites go for it. :0) 


"Who’s been the naughtiest on set this series?" - TATLER interview 1/2

What better way to celebrate my 17,000th post than Charles & Elsie at the beach?!


Fans want to know if romance will ever develop between Mr Hughes and butler Mr Carson.

“I’d have thought everyone would have been intrigued about the love lives of the ladies upstairs but they get into a state about us,” smiles Jim Carter.

Carson’s stately manner has won a legion of fans. So, what about the female attention?

“Oh, for goodness sake, I’m an elderly gentleman with a long and stable marriage,” he chides gently


“If you had a vat of boiling oil and stripped me naked I’d sooner jump in that than do Strictly or I’m a Celeb.” — Phyllis Logan

“If you had hot pins and were threatening to stick them in my eyeballs I’d rather that.” —Jim Carter


Phyllis Logan & Jim Carter: on series 5 (x)


Look at the way they look at each other x